CATBOX is the purrfect box for your cat…and you!  

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE --- Cats are the greatest creatures OF ALL TIME! And it’s no secret that cats love boxes. So, shouldn’t we provide the greatest creatures of all time with the greatest box of all time!? The answer is yes, and the answer is CATBOX!  

CATBOX is the cat bed of your favorite feline’s dreams! It is a rectangular cardboard box, sized to fit cats comfortably. There are cut-outs on each end for face scratching, easy head resting and your daily amusement. That’s right, CATBOX isn’t just for your cat! The outside of the box is illustrated to transform those purring dozy cat fantasies into your comical reality. Essentially, it brings you, the human, all the happiness of dressing your cat up in a silly costume, except they also enjoy it.

When your furry feline companion steps into a CATBOX (and inevitably loafs into place), they will be transformed into a valiant galaxy voyager, a musical genius or a…the possibilities are endless! So far, we have completed two designs for CATBOX. The ASTRObox will catapult your kitty into the depths of outer space and the ROCKbox will give your cat a more exciting object (other than the couch) to shred in front of an adoring audience!

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Because our goal is to illustrate all of the dreams of every purr-machine, we decided to partner with a leading manufacturer of sustainable packaging. All of our boxes are composed of 100% recycled corrugated cardboard, printed on labels with vegetable-based cat-safe inks, and are made and shipped from right here in Georgia, USA. Plus! each box is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, keeping our production loop closed with no new waste headed to our overflowing landfills! There’s no need to make a litter box of our environment!

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CATBOX is now LIVE on Kickstarter (!  We have decided to launch our business with Kickstarter in order to raise enough money to purchase the first minimum order of boxes. From there, we look forward to creating new designs in order to fulfill the fantasies of cats and cat-lovers alike!

Who is CATBOX?  CATBOX is creator, J. Magnus Nelson, and creative director, Jamie Bourgeois: two friends who share a mutual love for cats and this weird box thing that they do. They met in Savannah, GA, where they both attended the Savannah College of Art and Design. Magnus graduated with a BFA in Sound Design, and Jamie with a BFA in Fibers (obviously two degrees that make them authorities in the feline lounge product industry). Starting with Magnus’s brilliant idea in 2014, the two have worked as a team, along with cats Harrison, Squirrel and Cersei, through research and development to create the physical design and theme of each CATBOX.